Class Organization

US Naval Academy Class of 2002, Inc. is a tax-exempt, charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Mission Statement

"The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes that support the interest of the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Corporation, the U.S. Naval Academy Athletic Association, and organizations that qualify under Section 501(c)(3) which support veterans affairs and those philanthropic missions deemed beneficial, as defined by the elected board of the Corporation."

Class Officers & Board Members

President: David Gravseth
Vice President: Kate (Kranz) Jordan
Secretary: Kristi (Tjoa) Laughlin
Treasurer: Andy McCann
At-Large Directors: Elizabeth (Kreft) Brienza, Sean McClintock, Charlie Mello

2002 Class Crest

2002 Class Crest

2002 Class logo

2002 Class logo


Our bylaws lay out the mission of the Class and govern the actions of our members & the board of directors. The most recent version of these bylaws were approved by the board on October 29, 2017.

Financial Information

The Class is funded by royalties from In the Shadow of Greatness, donations from individuals, matching donations from corporations, and income from the Amazon Affiliates program.

From the book and related income, the Class was able to donate over $14,000 – the vast majority of what we earned – to our partner organizations. Prior to our incorporation and as our ten year reunion gift, individual members of the Class donated $171,926 to USNA's International Programs Office.

We operate entirely on volunteer labor and seek free/inexpensive solutions for necessary services, which allows our administrative costs to be extremely low. Specifically, our expected expenses & set-asides for the year are limited to:

Website: $96 (donated)
Set-aside for memorial uses: $500

In June 2014 was folded into this site to further reduce overhead.

As of December 4, 2017 the Class has roughly $4,100 in assets and no liabilities.  

In November 2017 we donated $2002 to The Matthew Freeman Project. In November 2016 we donated $2002 to Paradox Sports. In November 2015 we donated $2002 to One Summit;  in November 2014 we donated $2002 to Run To Honor.




Prior Officers & Boards:


President: C. J. Simonsen
Vice President: Greg Chapman
Secretary: Dani La Salle
Treasurer: Chris Carter


President: Josh Welle
Vice President: T Alford
Secretary: Julia (Floraday) Wells
Treasurer: Cari Murtagh


President: Josh Welle
Vice President: Patrick McConnell
Secretary: Kate (Kranz) Jordan
Treasurer: Cari Murtagh
At-Large Directors: John Augusto, Charlie Mello, Chad Summe