2013 Annual Meeting Summary

Selected items from the Annual Membership Meeting, held on October 24, 2013 from 2100 – 2210 EDT via teleconference.

★ Summary of last year’s activities:

  • Josh Welle: Officer & board elections
  • Pat McConnell: In the Shadow of Greatness
    • 14,000 copies sold
    • Two time Los Angeles Times Best Seller
    • Congratulatory letter from President G. W. Bush
    • Many national and local TV, radio, and newspaper appearances
    • Led to long-lasting partnerships with other organizations
    • Donated all proceeds (over $14,000) to 13 charitable organizations
    • Donation amounts determined by direct (books sold at events) and indirect (emailing members, enabling PR, etc) support
  • Charlie Mello: Why we incorporated US Naval Academy Class of 2002, Inc.
    • Flexibility for book revenues and for the future
    • Only downside was initial cost
  • Charlie: Revised & approved Bylaws; posted to website
  • Pat: Website
    • Inexpensive, easy to maintain
    • Gives us a virtual home and focus point, aids transparency
    • No intent to duplicate USNA.com features
  • Pat: MailChimp
    • Far more flexible than USNA AA capabilities
    • Free
  • Pat: Amazon Affiliates
    • We are going to continue to push this
    • Received nearly $8,000 to date
  • Cari Murtagh: Annual fundraising resulted in $1,400 for continuing Class operations
  • Kate Kranz: Shipmate submissions
  • Josh: USNA Alumni Association & Foundation’s 2020 Campaign update

★ Financial status: (Cari)

  • Cash & other assets: ~$10,500
  • $3,000 liability to Class of ’69 for loan related to incorporation costs
  • 27th Company members donated $1,500 for Alan Patterson’s (’00) family; none was retained or added by Class

★ Upcoming & planned actions:

  • Chad Somme, Charlie: Alumni Mentorship Program support & advocacy
  • Pat: Run To Honor events and In the Shadow of Greatness
  • Pat: Future of the website & related services
  • Kate: John Ennis to present book to CNO at upcoming meeting
  • Chad: Fundraising for Class & Alumni Association

★ New business & open forum:

  • John Donovan: Will be hosting tailgater at A/N. Coordinating to get barrage balloon.

★ Voting: (Pat)

  • Make exchange cadets Honorary Members. Passed.
  • Make Asher Houston & Jessie Cabigon Honorary Members. Passed.