Winter 2013 Update


We hope this finds you and your family safe, healthy, and happy. A few brief updates are below on the state of the Class and recent events.

Thank you for a great 2013 – but more importantly, thank you for being great classmates and friends. We look forward to working with you all to continue 2002’s amazing accomplishments into the New Year!

Josh, Pat, Kate, Cari, John, Charlie, & Chad

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held via teleconference on October 24th; full minutes are posted. We discussed highlights from the last year, including our awesome 10 year reunion, the book (14,000 copies sold!), and our donations to charitable organizations. Notable actions from the meeting were the successful vote to extend Honorary Memberships to Asher Houston & Jessie Cabigon, as well as to the exchange zoomies, woops, & coasties who spent the fall of '01 on the placid shores of the Severn.

Financial Update

On November 27 the board passed a motion to donate $1,000 each to The Matthew Freeman ProjectRun To Honor, and Travis Manion Foundation. The board also voted to pay back the remainder of the loan ($3k) from the Class of '69. These actions will leave the Class with approximately $4,500 in assets and free of debt.

Class of 2002 Logo

As you no doubt noticed, we have adopted a new logo. Developed by a friend of the Class who generously donated many hours of her time, for now it only appears on our website, this newsletter, and our letterhead. Next year we will bring it to shirts and perhaps other gear (hats, stickers, etc), likely using a crowd-funding site. If you have an idea or a contact at a company capable of producing such items, we'd love to hear from you!

Army Navy Game

Check out the USNA '02 Facebook group for details on two unofficial events hosted by our classmates. John Donovan will be tailgating at the stadium in Philly, and Tim Collins & Chris Cisek have set up an event in the San Diego area. 


Ken Neptun's Ring

You will remember that our classmate and friend Ken Neptun passed away from leukemia only five weeks short of graduation. His parents, RADM & Mrs. Dan & Wendy Neptun, USCG, presented the USNA Museum with Ken's 2002 class ring in late August; it now rests in a place of honor with the rings of those who have gone before us.


This information was originally emailed on December 10, 2013; the original is viewable here.