Summer Update Email

Below is a text of the email we sent to '02 members a few moments ago. If you didn't see it, sign up!


We hope this email finds you and your family safe, healthy, and happy. A few updates are below on the state of the Class and events since our last newsletter.

Also, please take a brief moment to answer the ten questions on the 2014 Survey of the Class page; we designed it to take less than two minutes. Thank you!

Josh, Pat, Kate, Cari, John, Charlie, & Chad

Dan Cnossen & 2014 Winter Paralympics

The 2014 Winter Paralympic Games closed on March 16, 2014. Dan didn't reach the medal stand, but had extremely strong and competitive results in all six of his events. We are incredibly proud of his performance! 

Class Financial Update

The Class has just under $6,000 in cash and assets. Our only recurring expense is $96/year for the combined and shadowofgreatness.comwebsites. Our Amazon Affiliates program has averaged nearly $120 per month this year. Several classmates have also become regular contributors; some have maximized their donations by using their company's matching program. If you need help setting this up please get in contact!


We're always looking for more help, from major projects (reunion!) to smaller tasks.

Fall Events

If you're planning a tailgater, picnic, or other event and want help in reaching our classmates, we're here to help. Also, remember that the Facebook group is open to all of '02.

Survey of the Class

Ten questions. Two minutes. Thank you!